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Our law firm understands that the decision to file bankruptcy is not an easy task. Our office places a premium on insuring that our clients maintain the best possible financial outlook.

Our law firm understands that many bankruptcies are precipitated by separation, business failure, health problems, or, in today’s economy, mortgage related distress. Our goal is to improve your overall financial picture with the least amount of frustration and confusion possible.

If you have recently lost a stream of income and are unable to pay the minimum monthly payment on your debt, you are likely receiving threatening notifications from collections agencies. Bankruptcy is an option to consider amongst other debt relief options. It is a government-designed option to help businesses and individuals regain control of their finances by reorganizing or eliminating their debt. We are your North Shore and Chicagoland bankruptcy attorneys.

In an unpredictable economic market, bankruptcies remain a difficult reality for many hardworking people. These rough waters call for a Northbrook bankruptcy lawyer that you can depend on. For those affected, the need for effective legal representation and support is undeniable. Like our work with family law and personal injury cases, we find practical solutions to restructuring matters, restating creditors’ rights, insolvency, workouts, and corporate liquidations. The bankruptcy attorneys at Shvartsman Law formulate and help clients engage in the best strategy to either litigate the case, agree upon a settlement, or develop a bankruptcy reorganization.

You may be researching the various forms of bankruptcy available to you. This section of our website provides a brief overview of the most typical forms of bankruptcy that we file on behalf of our clients, including chapter 7 and chapter 13:



Even the hardest workers and the most careful money managers can find themselves with more debts than they can pay as they draw closer to their due date. In such cases, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem. If you or someone you know is facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is an accepted method of resolving serious financial problems recognized in the constitution of the United States. Our skillful attorneys can guide you through the complicated legal maze of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law is federal in origin and varies little from state to state. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the power to establish uniform bankruptcy laws throughout the United States, which ensures consistency and predictability in how bankruptcy proceedings are conducted. The individual states do, however, retain jurisdiction over certain debtor-creditor issues that are not addressed by and do not conflict with federal bankruptcy law, such as which property remains exempt from creditors’ claims.



A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals to discharge (and not pay) most debts, including credit card debt, judgments, unsecured loans, and much more. One of the main purposes of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to give a person, who is hopelessly burdened with debt, a fresh start by wiping out his or her debts.



A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed by individuals who want to pay off their debts over a period of three to five years. This type of bankruptcy appeals to individuals who have non-exempt property that they want to keep. It is also only an option for individuals who have predictable income and whose income is sufficient to pay their reasonable expenses with some amount left over to pay off their debts


The attorneys at the Shvartsman Law Offices have represented many individuals throughout the Northern District of Illinois before the bankruptcy court. Our attorneys are highly experienced in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. They efficiently and cost-effectively help their clients get back on solid economic ground.

We work closely with clients, making sure that bankruptcy is their best alternative, and then move quickly on your behalf. The firm is committed to providing personal attention and affordable solutions to every client’s financial obstacles.

Contact the attorneys at the Shvartsman Law Offices about your bankruptcy needs or problems with creditors. You will receive a prompt and personal response from one of our attorneys.

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