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The weight of foreclosure is a heavy one to bear. It does not discriminate nor is it exclusive to one person; rather, it is the silent burden on families, friends, and other members of our community. It pushes the burden of being a defendant in a complex law suit, the ever increasing bills, the jeopardy of your home, and the fear of the sheriff coming unexpectedly. This is not a weight that must be bore alone. If this is your situation, you have options.

If keeping your home is your priority, we have aggressive and tactical foreclosure defense strategies, as well as expert advice and guidance. If you would like to sell your property before it forecloses, we can organize short sales that will save your credit score and credit history from the damages caused by foreclosure.

Shvartsman Law Offices has been a trusted firm in foreclosure defense and short sales in the Illinois community. Our staff is multilingual and averages 15 years of legal experience in diverse practice areas of law. We guarantee honesty, confidentiality, and support through every step of the process.

Shvartsman Law Offices is dedicated to lifting the weight of foreclosure off the shoulders of the families and other members that make up our community.
Although handling a foreclosure is your responsibility, it is not necessary to face blindsided and alone.

Shvartsman Law Offices has affordable rates that make aid easily and immediately accessible for every client. Take action at once. Call today and schedule a free initial consultation.

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